Disabling DME errors 

     BMW-Explorer now has the ability to disable DME errors. ATTENTION: this function requires license 81 (read / write calibrations).

     Run the program and select this function in the menu of extra options:

     In the window that opens, click the Open (1) button to download the FLASH file:

     The Exit (5) button allows you to close the window for disabling errors.

     The FF (6) option allows you not to write the FF value to one of the error table fields when the error is disabled.

     After loading the FLASH, we get a window with a table of errors found and a description of these errors:

     To disable the error, uncheck the first column of the error line.

     The Search (2) button allows you to select the rows of the table containing the desired text fragment.

     The Filter (3) button allows you to filter the table by the search text.

     Options Actions (8) appear if templates for resetting certain groups of errors are provided for this FLASH type.

     All operations with the table are also available in the context menu (7) (right mouse button) and by pressing combinations of hot keys:

     Find (Ctrl+F) - search and select table rows,

     Save (Ctrl+S) - save the modified FLASH on the computer,

     Filter (Ctrl+E) - filter the error table,

     Open (Ctrl+O) - load FLASH to search for errors,

     Exit (Ctrl+X) - close the disable errors window.

     If a Filter is applied to the error table, then the filter button (3) will change its purpose and a status panel (9) of canceling the filter will appear at the bottom of the table.

     If Search is applied to the table of errors, then the search button (2) will change its purpose and a status panel (10) will appear at the bottom of the table with buttons for moving the highlight of the line with an error from the marked lines.


     After turning off the selected errors or selecting templates from the Actions option, the corrected FLASH file must be saved. To do this, use the Save (4) button.

     If the file being written already exists, a corresponding warning will be issued:

     After successfully saving the corrected FLASH, a corresponding message will appear.